Alternatives to Winter Formal 2018

Madelyn Novick
Center Editor

No Racing License? No Problem!
Go-Karting in a fancy dress not your thing? Try these ideas out instead!
Winter formal is a fancy, formal dance held at the beginning of February. It is the second most expensive dance,
and always has some sort of theme. The theme this year for Mission is Fast and the Furious at K1 Racing.
While many students enjoy dances, there are always those who just don’t find it to be their cup of tea, or don’t
like the theme of the year. So, for those who aren’t going, here are a few ideas.
If you have season passes for amusement parks such as Disneyland or Knott’s, then you should consider going
with a few friends, and maybe dressing up for fun! It would also be considerably cheaper than the dance even if you
do not have a pass as the combined price of a dance ticket and a nice dress or suit would be more expensive than a
one day park hopper for Disneyland and California Adventure.
If amusement parks aren’t your thing, or if its a money constraint, then maybe use that day to relax at home, or
get ahead on school work and studying. Sure it may not sound exciting, especially compared to Winter Formal,
however second semester is when school becomes the most stressful. Having this extra time to study or work on
assignments can be extremely helpful, especially to IB and AP students.
Another idea would be to have a get together with friends, and maybe go see a movie or go to the mall, or just
hang out at a friend’s place. It can be a nice de-stresser and lets creates fun memories without possibly ruining
dresses while go-karting.
Other ideas include staying inside and treating yourself to a nice day. Use a bath bomb, get a haircut or go get
your nails done, read a nice book, binge watch a show, do what you normally don’t have time to do!
School often takes away precious family time, so you could take the weekend to plan a small family vacation or
get together, or something of the sort.
Personally, as someone who has never been to Winter Formal, I normally watch YouTube and restart or finish an
old video game that I haven’t played in awhile, as they always bring back fun memories.
One important thing: make sure you always do what you want to do. You should not feel pressured to go to a
dance or hang out with friends if you do not want to, it will only make you miserable. This not only applies to
Winter Formal, but for any instances in life. Pressured fun is not real fun.

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