Encouragement from the CHOC Club

Alan Chen

Staff Writer

The CHOC Club connects high school students with ailing children.

CHOC Children’s (Children’s Hospital of Orange County is a pediatric healthcare network in Orange County that, according to the CHOC website, includes a “state-of-the-art 316-bed main hospital facility” in Orange and another location at the Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo.   

    The 54-bed CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital,  the only dedicated pediatric facility in south Orange County.

is separately licensed from Mission Hospital.        

    CHOC Children’s a 24-bed medical/surgical unit. There is also an epilepsy monitoring unit which is used to “evaluate a child’s brain activity and behavioral activity for an extended period of time.” (CHOC website).

    The CHOC Research Institute was started in 2003 and now the institute supports more than 350 active human-subject research studies “across nearly all…pediatric subspecialty areas” (CHOC website), is affiliated with the University of California, Irvine, and does work with top academic institutions. These areas include, but are not limited to,  genetic and molecular research and and neuroscience research, among many others.

    In addition to healthcare research the Children’s Hospital of Orange County also offers volunteer opportunities such as greeting visitors and helping out with office paperwork.

    One of the many clubs at Mission Viejo High School is the CHOC Club which was started two years ago by Ashley Klein and her friends as a result of Klein having a heart condition treated at CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital and wanting to give back to CHOC after all of their help. Klein, one of the two co-presidents of the CHOC Club, explained, “Me and my friends started it because I was a patient there two years ago.”

    There are CHOC Club meetings that take place once a month at lunch on Thursdays in Room 702, Mrs. Faridpak’s room.

    The CHOC Club makes encouraging cards in order to provide support for patients and their families.

    The goal of the CHOC Club, according to Klein is “to help out the hospital and make it easier for the patients.”

    Currently, the club is working on organizing a food drive to collect food for the families of patients. The food drive will likely take place at a Stater Bros. on a Saturday morning, though the exact date has not yet been determined.

    Klein said that her most memorable experience with the CHOC Club was making cards and knowing that the cards are going to be received by the patients and their families in order to encourage them in difficult times.

    When Klein was asked about why people should go join the CHOC Club, she replied that the CHOC Club is “not only a chance for service hours, but it’s a great opportunity to give back to a great foundation.”

   The CHOC Club is just one of the great clubs at MVHS, providing an opportunity for students to form connections with the  patients at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and provide moral support with encouraging handcrafted cards. More information on  the CHOC Club and other clubs can be found at the Activities section of the Mission Viejo High School website.


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