Valentine’s Day: Fail it or Nail it It’s not too late to give from the heart.

IMG_3631Lily Lucero
Staff Writer

With every holiday comes pressure, but with a holiday that is centered around love, there is bound to be more postponening than usual. As the days till Valentine’s day grow nearer, and your ideas for gifts grow farther, it’s important to remember what the action of giving is really about.
We want to find a spectacular, personal gift for someone, because we want them to know they are loved. Not just by anyone, but by us.
Without further ado, here are five last minute Valentine’s Day gifts you can give a loved one, that still showcase your fond feelings for them.

Loving Deck of Cards
Each card has a reason why you love that person, glued on the decorative side. While this may be a little time consuming, it shows how much you truly care for the person. It is sweet, thoughtful, and only requires scissors, paper, writing utensils, glue and a deck of cards you are willing to part with.

2.  Beaded Necklace/Bracelet
Expressing your love through jewelry can be an expensive and difficult task. But why eliminate the jewelry category altogether?
Instead, go to your local supermarket and buy a pack of lettered beads. If you want to go that much further, you can even get some extra colored ones that are more complex. Putting that necklace or bracelet on your woman or man can show just how much you care without all of the shimmer and sparkle of silver and gold.

3.  A Picture Frame with you and person
This may seem dull, but giving your significant other a picture of you and them in a frame and telling them to display it shows that you are serious about your relationship and that you want everyone who walks into your residence to know it. All that’s required is a good picture of you and your love, and a frame.

4.  Movie Stub
This can go one of two ways. If you happen to have saved a movie stub that you and your loved one used, why not give it to her with a cute note to show that it is something you treasure, remember, and want to happen again. This gesture is little, but it is full-hearted and selfless.
Also, if you don’t have a movie stub from your past, buy one for the both of you. If there is a movie that you know your significant other wants to see, or one that you might think she wants to see, put it in a nice box and leave a note saying “here’s to more memories.”
It shows them you’re making future plans with them and you’re not afraid to take the lead.

5.  Breakfast in bed and a Beautiful room
Making your loved one a delicious breakfast takes effort and care, two qualities that we want to see in our significant other. Waking them up to a steaming hot meal might be the perfect way to start their day.
Not only that, but if you have any kind of stringed lights around the house, you can wake up earlier and decorate their room while they are sleeping. Spell out love, draw pictures, make little paper hearts and scatter them on the floor. Don’t make a mess, make a statement.

Those are five of the many last minute gifts you can whip up before you show up to your date empty handed. In the spirit of the holiday though, don’t get too carried away, and don’t buy a load of gifts just to fill a hole.
As long as your gifts tell a story, are meaningful, thoughtful, and filled with love, you have nothing to worry about, no matter how last minute they are.

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