Capitalism!: The Hallmark holiday.

Carson Perez

Staff Writer


    The “holiday” known as Valentine’s Day occurs on February Fourteenth. This occasion is a ploy for card companies, such as Hallmark, to sell more cards and make money.

    Also, other companies can sell chocolate, other hard candy, flowers, and other gifts for Valentines Day. So technically speaking this really is not a holiday, but rather a mere occasion.

    Valentine’s Day was originally a Christian feast to honor the early saint Valentinus, hence the name Valentine’s Day. Many parts of the Eastern Orthodox Church also celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day on July 6 and July 30.

    However, the holiday has evolved into a commercial idea to make that money because of failing business.

Places such as CVS Pharmacy, Target, and Walmart can sell chocolate and candy, Florists can sell more flowers,  Hallmark can sell more cards, Jewelers can sell more necklaces and bracelets, and now the whole point of this so-called holiday has become a revenue provider for companies.

    The companies need money to keep the business running. Also, some places will have discounted prices on their products.

    If you only need one day to tell the person you love that you love them, then you don’t really love them. The holiday is completely pointless if you see in that perspective.

   There should not have to be a day delegated towards showing a person how much you care about them because that should happen everyday. The holiday should just get scraped and we should make the monday after the Superbowl a National holiday rather than a “holiday” that is for commercial and economic use.

   Also, Valentine’s day should not be a recognized as a holiday because students do not get school off. Capitalism is the reason for this certain season.

    Students would much rather have a day off after the Superbowl, so people can recover from hangovers and a loss.

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