Diablo Dating: A walk through of Lauren and Lenny’s lovely picnic date!!!

Sophia Haque

Staff Writer


It’s the most romantic time of the year, and two of our lovely Diablos have gotten into the Valentine’s Day spirit. This Saturday, February 10, juniors Laren Lexford and Lenny Woodard went on a romantic picnic date at Barbadanes Park.

While looking for a place to have their date, “Lenny found a nice open park with lots of trees” says Lauren.  Lenny said, “I had to show Lauren’s mom my grades” in order to go on the date. After planning and getting permission from their parents, Lauren and Lenny got ready for their date.

Although Lauren and Lenny have been dating for almost 11 months, Lenny still needed permission to go on the date from Lauren’s mom.

As Lauren prepared for her date with Lenny she said she felt very “excited.” Lenny was feeling the same way. Lauren first picked Lenny up and drove him to the park.

     When Lauren and Lenny arrived at Trader Joe’s and they looked for fun foods to eat. After purchasing salad, alphabet cookies, barbecue chips, apples, bananas, sparkling apple cider, and water, Lauren and Lenny headed to the park. Though they never drank the apple sparkling cider.

As Lenny laid the blanket on the grass, Lauren helped set up the food. As they ate they talked about their futures, their past, and the cute dogs passing by. The two were obviously very comfortable with each other.

They even recorded a little video about what to bring on a picnic date.

After eating they both laid down on their picnic blanket and looked at the sky. Although it may sound very cheesy, Lauren said that this made her smile and her only regret was she wished they could have laid there longer. Lenny completely agreed with her. They even had a small photoshoot while on their date.

Lenny says his favorite part of the date was, “being with Lauren and seeing her smile.”

After asking Lenny if he was ever nervous or embarrassed while on the date he replied, “No not at all. Although I did step in dog poop.” Lauren laughed at this when it was brought up.

Lauren described Lenny as a “genuine, loving, fun person.” Saying he made her feel “very warm and happy, even fulfilled although I must say I expected just that.”

Lenny described their relationship as a “one true pair.” Saying Lauren and the date were very “lovely.”

Lenny and Lauren are expecting to have many more of these ‘“amazing” and “lovely” dates! Good luck to Lenny and Lauren and the rest of our Dating Diablos.

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