Four Chairs, One Winner

Yvonne Ajaltouni

Staff Writer

Four talented musicians are on the scope of finding the future of music, who will be the last one standing?

    The new hit television reality TV show, “The Four,” has us at the edge of our seats. The new extravaganza has a total of four judges, including Meghan Trainor, Diddy, DJ Khalid and Charlie Walk, and their host, Fergie, all of whom have great experience in the music industry.

    The first episode that aired had a total of four artists wanting to make it big in the music world; they are called, “The Four Member(s).” Other artists, will come and perform for the judges and if the panel decides that they are worthy to challenge one of “The Four,” they have the opportunity to choose one out of the four to challenge.

     Both the challenger and the Four member will perform one song each, and that will leave the audience to decide and vote who was the best; will it be the four member and get his/hers seat locked in (allowing them to be safe for the rest of the night and cannot be challenged again), or the challenger, who can take the Four member’s chair and will be safe for the rest of the night.

    The show is pre-filmed and is aired every Thursday night on Fox, 8:00pm-10:00pm. Fresh new talent is brought to the stage, leaving you either impressed or disappointed.

    The longest standing Four Member has been Zhavia, who was once a challenger but then has protected her seat by beating Elanese Lansen. As Diddy says, “It’s time to eat.” Unfortunately, this only lasted until the fourth episode, when she was challenged by Kendyle Paige and Zhavia lost to her.

     Zhavia’s fan base that has been built over the past few weeks, (gaining her 300,000 Instagram followers), all went crazy and even tweeted about not wanting to watch the show anymore. Meghan Trainor, a judge on the panel, bursted into tears having to leave the stage due to her strong love and admiration for the young, hip artist.

    The television show has allowed the fans of The Four to vote for 4 previous Four Members to come back to the show, who are; Ash Minor, Zhavia, Saeed and Candice Boyd. All of the artist’s are ready to show the world that they own a seat and will fight for their dreams to become a reality.

    Zhavia and Saeed are particularly going to challenge those that stole their seat, it would only be fair. Judges, fans and the world are ready for the ultimate showdown that aired February 1, 2018.

     The original four have came back and were ready to claim their seats again! The panel chose who each of them will go against. Saeed and Candice have been chosen to challenge each other, and Candice took the Win for that round.

    As she chooses who she wants to battle from the Four Members, she decided on challenging Nick Harrison. As the audience voted, Nick will stay and Candice goes home… Again.

    The next pair from the original four members will be Ash and Zhavia. Zhavia and Ash’s fan base are absolutely crazy for each artist and want the best for both of them.

     Zhavia took the crowd by storm even though some might have said she did not choose a great song to showcase her voice, she pulled through and she was ready to win and got her seat back as one of The Four members- eliminating Tim Johnson Jr from the competition. As the finale is right around the corner, we will find who will be our next top artist in the music industry, this is where a star will be made.

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