Mission Boys Basketball Strives for Greatness: A young MVHS Boys Basketball team experiences the challenges and thrills of a great basketball season

IMG_1059Jacob Schwarz

Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

     Boys basketball at Mission Viejo High School has a long standing tradition of greatness. The Mission Viejo Boys Basketball program has won 14 league championships, has been to CIF Finals 4 times, and has 1 CIF championship title.

    The 2017-2018 MVHS Boys Basketball team wants to continue to add to this tradition of greatness. They ended with a regular season record of 14 wins and 13 losses (14-13) and they have earned themselves a spot in the CIF playoffs where they hope to succeed.

    Langston Redfield (Freshman Point Guard), Nathan Hewitt (Sophomore Shooting Guard), Zach Gald (Junior Power Forward), Steven White (Senior Shooting Guard), and Tristan Williams (Senior Center) make up the starting 5 players on the varsity team.

    Some of the other reserves on the varsity team, including Selah Robins (Freshman Shooting Guard), Griff Higgins (Sophomore Point Guard), and Nica Rahmati (Sophomore Shooting Guard) also contribute to this team and give the team the extra support and the crucial strong bench presence that it needs to succeed.

    As a whole, starters and reserves included, this varsity team placed 2nd behind Capistrano Valley High School in the competitive Sea View League.

    The 2017-2018 season has been a huge learning process for all of the current varsity players. Their team is very young (most players on the varsity team are underclassmen) and experience is the most crucial thing that this team needs in order to succeed for current and future games/seasons.

    6 of the 13 players on the MVHS boys varsity team are either freshmen or sophomores. This displays the young talent on their upcoming team. With lots of experience and development during the 2017-2018 season, this young team has huge potential for future success and greatness.

    Nica Rahmati, a sophomore shooting guard, excitedly pronounced, “I can’t wait to keep pushing to be the best for the next two years.” Nica and the rest of the team are working hard so that they can hopefully win a game in CIF play.

    If this team wants to win a Sea View or South Coast Title in the future and have a prominent CIF playoff run, a fantastic coach is also needed to help foster and develop these upcoming players. This job has been left to Chris Zeller, the current head coach of the MVHS Boys Basketball Program.

    Chris Zeller has been the head coach of boys varsity basketball at MVHS for the last 3 years and is a Mission alumni. Zeller had several winning seasons under coach Troy Roelen during his time 10 years ago as a player at Mission. He led Mission to a South Coast title with a perfect 10-0 mark in 2007.

    With the current 2017-2018 season coming to a close, Mission Boys Basketball is starting to look into the future. The hopes of returning past basketball glory (a league title and hopefully a strong CIF playoff showing) to this program has been left in the hands of Chris Zeller and these young, developing players.

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