MVHS Girls Swim Protecting Their House!

Yvonne Ajaltouni

Mission Viejo High School’s girls swim team, works hard to be successful this season!
MVHS’s D1 girls swim team has a great start to the season so far! Having 2 wins and 1 loss. Freshman Varsity swimmer, Cailey Casas, describes her team as, “-supportive, goofy and we all try our best we possibly could be.” A day at practice consists of many drills to perfect their technique and skills.
Each day, practice may change and switch up depending on what technique the girls will work on. On Mondays the team has morning practice of weightlifting from 6:45am to 8:15am.
Wednesdays and Fridays, they have their practice from 5:30am to 6:30am. These morning meetups are to help the swimmers increase their strength and endurance for their muscles.
This would result in the team possibly performing better at their meets and potentially increasing their times. The sport itself, requires the majority of your muscles to be active and working.
As a swimmer, they want to set their own personal goals. When you are in the pool, your biggest opponent is yourself.
It allows you to see if you pushed yourself to do more than what your expectations were. Not only is yourself your biggest opponent but you have swimmers from other schools that may seem threatening to you.
The swimmers always set other goals as well to want  to beat their opponents times. Confidence is key to always performing your best, not only in swim but in other sports and just your daily life.
Your mental strength is a large contribution on how you will perform at your meets. “My brain is telling me to go easy and relax for the day but in reality it’s not helping me- it was making it worse,” Cailey Casas describes the obstacles she face in the sport.
A person’s determination and aspiration really takes responsibility of the true stamina of the swimmers work habits. They work hard to make their expectations as much as they can as a reality.
Having a big supportive team can get the girls pumped up, excited and motivated for their meet. Surrounding themselves with positive energy!
Along with having your conscious on your mind, you have the referee on your back, watching you to assure you are not cheating in any sort of way. Your technique is a big part of this sport.
The varsity swim coach, “Coach T,” has to handle 76 girls and make sure that they are prepared and ready for all of their meets. The varsity swim team contains a lot of aspiration, determination and they are they most definitely surrounding themselves with inspiration.
She trains her players on her team to not get disqualified in races and stay consistent with their times. The team has a great strength- when they are falling behind in a race, they all come together and push to the limit to exceed their expectations.
“I think as a team during practice we get a little distracted,” freshman varsity swimmer, Olivia Gallegos tells Diablo Dispatch what she thinks the team and herself can work on to improve them as a whole. When keeping a high rank title, they have a lot at stake and many people to make proud.
Keep up the good work Diablos. Show them whose house this is!

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