Should All Students Be Able To Leave Campus During Lunch? NO

Dax Brook

Some students at the Mission Viejo High School have questioned whether or not all students should be allowed to go off campus during the 40 minute lunch break. This outlandish idea should not be supported, because this has been tested years ago.

    In the past all students were allowed the privilege of leaving the school grounds during lunch. This recently changed, because some students were ill behaved while off campus.

    Instead of banning the idea altogether, the school decided to only let the upperclassmen leave campus during lunch.

    The administration would have stopped everyone from leaving during lunch, but this creates several problems.

    Firstly, seniors that are only taking periods first through fifth are out of school as soon as lunch starts.

   Secondly, once a student is 18 years of age they may sign themself out of school. This would result in seniors and even some juniors signing themselves out and then returning after the lunch break.  

    Only letting upperclassmen out during lunch fixes this problem, however it left many of the lowerclassmen upset. The idea to revise this rule is outrageous since it could only create more problems than it would solutions.

    Bringing back the old rule would result in hundreds of more students fleeing the high school grounds during lunch.

    Currently the surrounding businesses are over-crowded during the lunch rush. With the entire school being allowed to go off campus the school’s lunch cafeterias would lose much of its support.

    The school is faced with the responsibility of keeping the students safe during school hours. If the students are not on campus then the school would be unable to prevent fights, bullying, and drug use.

    After incidences such as the Parkland shooting, safety is a large concern for the public school system. According to CNN school shootings are on the rise; “We’re only nine weeks into 2018, and there have already been at least 14 school shootings in the US. That averages out to 1.5 shooting a week.” CNN posted on March 8, 2018.

    At this time, any changes to MVHS’s rules should increase safety instead of worsening it.

    With more students leaving there would be an influx of people returning to the school after the lunch break. This would mean the school would need more security checking student’s ID when entering back onto the school’s campus.

    These challenges are some of many that the school would face if they let the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes escape the campus during the short 40 minutes break.. All in all, the school should not let the lowerclassmen off school during lunch for the overall safety of the students.    


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