The Oscar’s

Lauren Touloujian

Lights. Camera. Action. The three words that encompass movies.  Movies have the ability to make us laugh, cry, and feel emotions that were not apparent before. This year represented the 90th annual Oscars and was a memorable one.

When it comes to movies, storytelling is very powerful and the actors that bring them to life are crucial.

This year’s Oscars were nothing short of spectacular. Held at the beautiful Dolby theatre, every big name in Hollywood showed up with all the glitz and glam imaginable.

Fashion at the Oscars is known to set the trends for the rest of the year, as people watch the hour long red carpet hosted by Michael Strahan and Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Lupita Nyong’o, Zendaya, and Margot Robbie rank top three for best dressed, wearing magnificent gowns made by the best designers including Versace, Giambattista, and most notably Chanel.

Margot Robbie’s dress in particular was hand-made specifically tailored to her as the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld had a vision for a gown designed for her and spent almost a month creating the gorgeous gown.

This year held a lot of competition for who would take the Oscar when it came to the best picture. Astoundingly, The Shape of Water won best picture and many more of the night.

Accomplished Gary Oldman won best actor and Frances McDormand won best actress. Each category was a close call since there were so many brilliant actors all in the run for the same title.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted this year’s Oscars and had an exquisite opening monologue that went viral on Youtube. Poking fun at winning speeches and cracking jokes, Kimmel’s hosting made the night light-hearted and exciting.

Sexual harassment being a current issue that is being addressed lately, Kimmel made sure to make an ode to the women affected empowering them also with the strong female empowerment movement.

Movies such as Wonder Woman and Black Panther are breaking barriers of race and female empowerment, making movies now more diverse.

Since these are pressing issues in our society, Hollywood is making an honorable effort to implement change and to move our society forward.

Every year, The Oscars becomes a little more politically involved and almost comes off like another news network.

Touching on current issues in society and revealing how Hollywood is changing for the better is a positive edition to the show, but a distraction if it becomes mockery of our politics when the Oscars should be focusing on the movies.

Luckily, this year the show was not politically swayed making it enjoyable and possible to enjoy the art of movie making, honoring those who work so hard to create these characters that people love so much.

Hollywood has become extremely diverse and supportive of issues, empowering people and giving people a voice about issues that would have been previously kept secret.

All around, the Oscars 2018 was filled with stunning red carpet looks, empowering speeches, and good movies giving an insight to the changes that Hollywood is taking.

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