Man’s Best Friend Keeps Watch Over Schools

Alan Chen   

As a result of the recent mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the Saddleback Valley Unified School District is considering a plan to have a police dog stationed every inside classroom of every high school in the district. News of the plan spread fast around the United States, with bipartisan praise coming from the US Senate and House of Representatives.

    A representative from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said, “We have to consider all possible actions after the tragedy in Florida.”

    The decision to put a police dog in every high school classroom in the district was made because the high schools are the largest in terms of enrollment and campus size. There are also many areas an attacker could enter the high schools.

   Each police dog is trained to respond to an attack on the school or any other emergency, such as a medical  problem or natural disasters such as earthquakes.

    The police dogs have been trained to not bark or be stressed out by the noise in classrooms. They can also lock doors and are familiar with bell schedules.

    The police dogs include a 10 year old  pug named Carlos who was previously a part of the elite Squirrel Task Force, helping to keep Orange County safe from the diabolical menace of the nefarious, dastardly acorn thieves.

    An added benefit of the presence of the police dogs, according to the Institute of Accurate Statistics in Reporting, 74 percent of classrooms with dogs in them  had higher test scores. Researchers have discovered that dogs give off chemicals that stimulate neurons in the brain.

    Superintendent Crystal Turner released a statement that read “Despite our initial concerns about the safety of this plan and what effect it would have on the learning environment in our high schools, I have decided  to approve the plan for additional security, including police dogs, in our high schools.”

    A student said that it would be great to have dog protecting the classroom, saying “I feel a lot safer knowing that Orange County’s finest are watching over us”

   However, some people are not in favor of the school security plan. One faculty member, who did not want to be named, said “I feel that having all this extra security makes people feel less safe. And what if some people are allergic to dogs?”

   Proposed plans that were reviewed to put more fencing along the perimeter of schools and install metal detectors at entrances have been approved and will be implemented by the end of the school year. Some students have raised concerns that all the additional security measures would make schools seem more like prisons rather than places where kids go to learn and would make it harder for them to learn.

   There is a meeting planned at Mission Viejo High School where parents and students can ask questions about the plan. The principal, Tricia Osborne, will be present, along with Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, district superintendent Crystal Turner and some sheriff’s deputies, although the date has not been set.

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