Mission Bans Phones During School Hours

Kaelin Davis

 Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, MVHS will enforce a new rule against cell phone use during school hours.

    This sudden change in policy is due to a desire to follow in French footsteps. France will start banning the use of cell phones while at school beginning in September of 2018, and many schools across the United States are fighting to do the same.

     Many schools have been jumping on board to ban phone use because many people have noticed the increase in dependency on cell phones. Schools feel that this policy will help control and even reduce the distractions phones provide.

    SVUSD faculty has taken quick action to address this policy. Bertha Burger, head of the SVUSD board, said, “The other day I asked a student if I could use her phone to call someone, and she stared at me as if I had spoken to her in another language. I’m concerned about the state of our students and the seriousness of their condition of attachment to their phones.”

    Other school districts think the policy is absurd. Juan Jalapeño, a teacher of LAUSD, stated that “there is no need for something like that. I know that my students are above cell phone use in class. They listen to my lectures. I know lots of schools have to deal with students who text, listen to music, and play games on their phones during class, but that’s just not the case for my students. What can I say, they love World History more than their phones!”

    For the schools that will be enforcing this policy in the future, the best way to go about making sure it is carried out is under discussion. For now, MVHS faculty have been discussing having the police in each class, since that is also a change Mission will be undertaking, collect students’ phones at the start of class. They will return the phones to the students at the end of class.

    Some MVHS teachers know better than to even think to allow students to touch their phones between classes. These teachers, such as Ronald Lettuce and Roma Pickle, have suggested having students check their phones into a phone-checking station at the beginning and end of the school day.

     “I don’t trust for a second that the policy will have the proposed effect if students are in possession of their phone all day. I feel like a broken record when, even now before the policy has been put into effect, I repeatedly have to tell students to put their phones away. Do they have no respect for their elders?” Pickle said.

    Students and parents everywhere have been informed of the policy that has been spreading like wildfire. Students are afraid to have their freedom taken away.

    “How am I supposed to know who my real friends are if I can’t check my Instagram? Also, I won’t be able to figure out how my friends truly feel if they aren’t sending me texts with emojis all day,” Amanda Wheatley, a student at a school in Las Vegas, Nevada, said.

    Parents, on the other hand, approve of the change. “My child doesn’t talk to me anymore. I think because I don’t use my phone like he does, that I’m simply not cool enough to be talked to. I’m starting to worry that he doesn’t know how to talk at all with how often I find him glued to his phone screen,” Patricia Vine, a parent of a high school student in Washington, said.

    Phones are causing addictions and controversy everywhere. As for next school year, prepare to keep your phones off and stored away, Diablos!


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