MVHS’ Discovery Of Prehistoric Creatures Covered Up By the FBI

Madelyn Novick

MVHS Students’ Discovery of Prehistoric Creatures Covered Up by the FBI!

    During the annual Catalina trip MVHS students discovered multiple prehistoric creatures swimming in the shallow water near the town, causing a national panic.

     On March 28th, around 3:30 p.m. Terror struck the beach. A student has narrowly avoided the bite of some large shadow, and the rest of the group frantically swims to shore. 20 meters away from the scene, an ominous fin swam back out to deeper waters, two much larger fins awaiting it. The student had some imprints of teeth on their leg.
    A local specialist went to try and identify the species by the teeth, and to the dismay of the community, the specialist cannot identify the teeth with any living species of marine animal. However, they had an inkling of what it might be: a megalodon.
    “The megalodon,” explained archaeologist Cyris Rosner, “has been classified extinct for over 2.6 million years. They were the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the sea and could live at extreme depths if needed. It is extremely plausible that they have survived without being noticed, we haven’t even explored 50% of the ocean after all.”
    Later on, maybe an hour after the event, a 4-meter “shark” washes up, still half in the water. To the surprise of civilians, it was still very much alive, jaws snapping at anyone that came too close. It was originally spotted by one of the groups of MVHS students, who for legal and confidentiality reasons cannot be named.
    The FBI arrived and carried off the creature via helicopter. An agent reportedly told the students that this is no longer their concern and that it “didn’t happen,” but a scientist whispered to one of them that they would be given credit for the discovery.
    In the evening, just before the sun had set, a long neck sticks up out of the water, akin to reported Loch Ness monster sightings. A local avid dinosaur enthusiast, Kira Paquette, identified the creature as a Mauisaurus. Before the FBI could reach the island once again, it disappeared back into the depths.
    The very next day, multiple dead fish and other marine animals were found floating in the bay, covered in bite marks similar to the ones on the MVHS student. The FBI’s researchers had concluded that the adults were angered and distraught at the disappearance of their child.
     Rosner, back on the scene, had this to say: “You have to remember these creatures still have the same parental instincts as us, humans. You never want to mess with an angry mom looking for her child, especially if they identify your species as the reason their baby is missing.”
    Luckily, no MVHS students were physically harmed but were most definitely mentally scarred. One student described the scene as, “Something you wouldn’t expect to happen overnight.”
    The most recent reports indicated that some other creatures have been popping up, including either a baby mosasaur or a kronosaur due to the similarity in size of the baby and adult.

    Some scientists speculate that the cause for their sudden reappearance is global warming. They theorize that the influx of ocean water may have lured them out from the depths, cause them to move to warmer waters, and even may have been frozen and then freed from the melted ice caps.
     President Trump, however, vehemently disagrees with the theory, and has told advisors this is another version of Pearl Harbor, but with biological warfare instead of air strikes. In a tweet, he said that “If the scientists of Isla Nublar could do this, then what’s stopping the Chinese or Japanese? Commie China must be stopped at all costs.”
    As of now, the MVHS students are stranded on Catalina Island as boats are afraid to leave the port, terrified of what else may be out there, especially with ominous roars erupting from the water at night.

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