MVHS D1 in Fortnite

Yvonne Ajaltouni

Ryan Snaper, the head advisor of the newly D1 Fornite League at Mission Viejo High School, is now calling all students to join his program- League Fortnite. Mission’s ASB has invested $4,000 in this program.
You must portray the following traits to have a high chance of being accepted into this program. Obviously, you must be fairly familiar with the healing system and always keep a handy safe zone spot close by at all times.
Stephen Marcus, the highest ranked player overall at MVHS, tells the Diablo Dispatch, “Once you join this team, there is no going back- your life has to revolve around Fortnite.” The program’s daily homework is to play 3 hours after school from 4:00pm to 7:00pm and an hour and a half hour in the morning from 5:00am to 6:30am.
Raymond Latcher described the work ethic of the Fortnite League, “We have practice from 2:00pm to 3:30pm weekdays, and we are expected to gain 4 Victory Royales and no lower than that.” They have a tight schedule and to add more to their plate, if they do not meet their daily expectations three times- they are kicked off from the program.
“I only want the best of the best and if these goons think they can get a lettermans from winning two Victory Royales, they can go back to playing alone in their basement,” Ryan Snaper, head advisor of the program, describes what kind of talent he is searching for. “I have had kids try out for this league and they only gain 1 Victory Royale in an hour and a half. I looked at them and said, ¨My 8 year old daughter gets triple that many wins,” Ryan Snaper says.
This league is no joke, and if you go to play and mess around, be prepared to be shamed by the devoted members of the program. Stella Lowli, the first female member of the Fortnite League says, “I am the only girl in this program. Obviously, you know that means. I have boys from left to right trying to date me because I am basically The Queen of Fortnite… ‘ain’t got time for that- got to get these W’s.” The season started March 3, 2018.
Fortnite League meets are every other Saturdays and teams from all over the district play against each other. The winners will go to the next round, until the last two teams are standing at the championship.
As you get farther into the competition, your squad members decrease- meaning the head advisor will cut some of his players out for the rest of the season. There is a total of 12 meets per gaming season.
Currently, the MVHS Fortnite League members consist of a total of 14 players. The maximum occupancy of the program can be no more than 25 members.
The winner of the Fortnite League Championship will take home the golden controller. Ryan Snaper tells the Diablo Dispatch, “I need that golden controller or else my wife will divorce me and I am not ready to live on my own.”
Stella Lowli said, ¨This is Mission Viejo High School, and when we want something, nothing will stop us from getting it!” There you go folks, if you are interested in joining MVHS´s League Fortnite, tryouts are April 14.
Bring your A-Game

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