Pruises Forced To Park In The Third Lot

Kobe Vergara

   Starting at the beginning of May, those who own a Toyota Prius will now have to park in the third parking lot. This requirement will affect all staff, students, and visitors that own any model of the Toyota Prius. “An important change that will benefit everyone at Mission is finally happening, and I’m ecstatic,” states Mr. Davidson, who originally proposed the idea to the school board.

    The proposition would come from the need to bring order and efficiency to the parking lots at Mission. As the school year would go on, staff would note of the growing disorder in the lots.

    Students would park without parking lot passes, disrupt the neighbors by revving their stock underpowered vehicles, and endanger other students by attempting to do burnouts with their automatic transmissions.

   There have also been cases of students hitting bunnies with their Prius. Due to how quiet the Prius is, the animals would not be aware of any oncoming traffic.

    While not all Prius owners are culprits of the disorder, it was a unanimous decision by staff to remedy these issues by making all Prii (plural of Prius) park in the third lot.

    “These students who are eager to get attention from their reckless driving will no longer get to “show off” to students near the gym and those in the first and second lots,” says Mrs. Yamauche, the parking lot supervisor. While other car owners may also drive as reckless, most witnesses noted that mostly Prius owners were the culprits.

    Many students would have mixed feelings on this new rule. Some seeing great benefit, while others believe it does not make any sense at all.

    “So you’re telling me I have to park my car in the third lot just because I own a Toyota Prius?”, angrily asked Chelsee Robinson, a student affected by the new rule. “My Toyota Prius is literally the best car in existence. It looks absolutely stunning, it has a rearview camera, and did I mention I’m saving the world with how great my gas mileage is?”

    However, other students believe it’s a great idea. Bob Robertson, a student who does not own a Prius, was asked about his opinion on the new rule, “I think it’s great having all the Prii together. Looks like some of those reckless owners won’t endanger my safety anymore. Sure not all Prius owners are bad, I mean they are eco-friendly.”

    “I’m actually really glad I get to park my car with other Prius owners, I get to know there are many others like me that like to drive in style and save the earth, everyday it’s going to be like a Prius car show! It’s a win win for me,” states Lindsay Jane, who is looking forward to the new rule.

    This rule will not prevent other students who own other cars other than the Toyota Prius to park in the third lot. If all goes well, many other high schools will attempt to implement the same rule.*

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