MVHS Lacrosse

Sophia Haque

     With 12 wins, the boy’s varsity lacrosse program has had a very successful year. With around 6 wins, boy’s JV is no exception.

    Varsity player Micheal Murg says “Not only have I improved my skills with the game but with communicating with teammates and friends as well. Mission lax has been progressively getting better for the past two years. I’ve been here and we certainly haven’t peaked to our full potential yet.”

    Cesar Alvarado and Derek Rodriguez, JV lacrosse players, say, “We had a good and fun season this year.” Describing the year as “litty.”

    Varsity player Jacob Schwarz says, “It was a good last ride with the boys and I’m proud of how icy we looked this year!”

    Some of the players describing their experiences as unique but positive.

    The girl’s JV and Varsity lacrosse program has had a fantastic year! With 6 wins each, they feel as if they have improved tremendously.

    Starting a sport can always be a little nerve racking but freshman Paige Clowers said it best; “I came into the season with a negative mindset thinking I would be horrible. Little did I know that I’d end up loving the sport and wanting to do it for the rest of high school.”

    Learning that “Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it cant be done,” has really helped her along the way.

    Varsity player Nicole Burns says, “It was fun to play this year! I feel as though I’ve improved and made some friends along the way.”

     Tammy Bautista, a JV player, says, “I would most definitely do it again! It was so much fun and I made great friendships. I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to play with a team I’ve gotten to know and love.”

     Suggesting that there is so much more to lacrosse than just playing. In between games and on the field you really learn to become family.


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