President’s Should Be On Social Media

Alan Chen

Presidents should be on social media because it can be used to connect with the people.

     Many people today use social media and as a result, presidents increasingly turn to social media as a way to get their message across.     

    Social media can be used to call attention to problems, such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma last year, quickly and to a large group of people. However, social media can also cause worry about the possible end of the world.     

    One recent source of controversy appears to be President Trump’s tweets. These tweets often cause worry about the end of the world, such as when Trump threatened war with North Korea, directing a tweet at North Korea’s foreign minister, saying that if he echoed Kim Jong-un, North Korea “won’t be around much longer!”

    Also, one of President Trump’s tweets may have included an anti-Semitic dog whistle when he referred to Chuck Todd, the host of the NBC TV program “Meet the Press”, as “Sleepy Eyes”, a nickname Trump has used for Todd since 2012 .

    But despite this controversial behavior by President Trump on social media, presidents should still be on social media. Presidents should have a filter in order to avoid being belligerent and divisive on social media, which is behavior that damages American civic society and could cause foreign policy issues.

    In 2015, President Obama sent his first tweet from the first Twitter account dedicated to a U.S. president. President Obama gained millions of followers, allowing him to communicate more directly with the American people.

    Obama and Trump have both used social media in order to explain policies and outline agendas to the public, such as when Obama personally answered questions about healthcare reform and Trump explained his plans for a wall on the US border with Mexico. The president can also discuss things like sports and music to relate to the masses, although doing this might be cringy.

    If people do not hear from presidents, they will feel that the government does not really care about the people. The government should try to be interested in what the public feels about policy and the direction of the country.

    When a president posts something funny, people can laugh along. People need to be able to laugh in our world.

    Social media can be used to engage with a troubled nation in a time of crisis, reassuring Americans that although not everything may go according to plan, as a country, we will survive and be even stronger than before. People need to know what their government is doing and how they as individuals will be affected by policies.

    The billions of people around the world who use social media can be reached by the president, which can promote a positive view of the United States around the world. Hopefully, people do not view the United States as arrogant and belligerent, such as some of Trump’s tweets.   

    Presidents should be on social media because being on social media can make people feel more connected to the president and be more relatable. Leaders should communicate with the people they lead. 

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