The President’s New Policy: Tweeting In At 11

Madelyn Novick

     President’s should most definitely be allowed to have social media, but should not cause threats to erupt of world war three.

     Social media, the media that binds everyone across the globe together and where everyone can share their opinions without actual repercussions. Well, almost everyone.

    President Donald J. Trump, a man most of us are familiar with by choice or not. While he is well known for being our president, he is also infamous for his tweets. They include such gems like:

    While some of these do not appear super harmful, there comes the issue of how the rest of the world interprets these tweets. Whether the president knows this or not, his tweets hold more value now that he is the leader of the nation and can be inferred as unofficial official foreign policy.

    The worst part is that the president may actually be somewhat aware and puts the nation’s safety at stake just so he can attempt to trigger reactions out of other world officials.

    The president also uses the media to insult many people, especially women by insulting their looks and professions. What is surprising is that he is still allowed on the website, since some of those tweets are blatantly against the terms of service.

    A junior at MVHS, Othman Lawand, had this to say: “He simply needs to stay off if he doesn’t want to create more of a mess of things online. Plus it is quite annoying to see his banter when I’m trying to scroll through my feed.”

    Felix Murray, a senior at LHHS, shares a similar sentiment, stating that “I think he should use Twitter to communicate with the American people, not to spontaneously give his opinion on things.”

    Jorge, who wishes to remain anonymous, chimed in on the subject with adding, “I don’t think diplomacy needs to be handled on a social media level.”

    In the long and the short of it, a president should have social media, but they really need to think before they speak/type/tweet, as many outside the US may interpret it as how the US actually values others or works. The US has enough stigma as it is, and these tweets are definitely not helping that case.

    A poll conducted by from October showed that 70% of Americans were fed up with the presidential tweets, with voters feeling worried about his “incompetence” as demonstrated in his tweets.

    It has also been stated that White House officials have to keep the president’s phone away from him to stop his rampant tweeting, some even stating that he “sneaks tweets” in the early hours of the morning before they can stop him.

    The tweets have been a source of jokes for many talk shows all over the world, national and international. They reflect badly on the US’ image in the international community, and the American people are not happy about it.

    As such, the consensus is clear: the President should be able to have a Twitter account if they can use it in a helpful and constructive fashion for the country.



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