The Story Behind The Memes

Braden Russell

     Recently, Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg has been under recent attack by not only our judicial system, but also the mainstream media: hence the popularity of all the memes you can see on social media.

     What started all these problems between facebook and the government or even facebook and the people for that matter?  Probably was can be said as the biggest personal data in technological history. Facebook was responsible for leaking tens of millions of personal data of users.

     This is known as the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.  This is where Cambridge Analytics tried to sell these millions of users to political campaigns to try and make money.

     There’s even talk that Russia was involved in this huge Scandall.  The high executives of Cambridge Analytics had relations and talks with high Russian leaders.

     So maybe Russia did “rig” our elections like the masses say.  However, this is a far reach and there is no substantial evidence to prove there wild assertions.

     Why is facebook getting targeted and possibly fined?  This would never have been an issue if it weren’t for facebook and their very “ok” security, and their inability to protect users.

     They are already being penalized and have to come up with many new security precautions as well as providing more opportunity for consent t where and when people give out their personal information.

     The worst part for facebook however, is they might be fined with the most absurd fine in history.  Fully calculated, this could add up to over a million dollars per person, totaling billions of dollars in fines for leaking this personal data.

     Overall, although it’s funny to see these memes about Mark Zuckerberg in court, it’s actually a serious issue that the public needs to be concerned about.  You need to be careful of who your giving your information to, and where you’re putting it…. Because before you know it, you’re personal information might be sold to the Russians.

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