Transforming Disney: A Shift To A More Modern Disneyland

Madelyn Novick

Disney, with owning their various studios and companies and having all their franchises, is making some key changes to their parks worldwide.

Disney has decided to make some major changes to their parks worldwide, including some coming to our local California Adventure. However, that’s not the only change to come, as once Pixar Pier opens there is also the updates on Galaxy’s Edge near Fantasyland and the planning for a Marvel centric land in California Adventure replacing the Bug’s Life section.

    With Pixar Pier set to open this summer, there comes a whole slew of changes to the once Paradise Pier. The beloved California Screamin’ will be officially reopened as the Incredicoaster, inspired by the Incredibles’ and their upcoming movie opening in June just two weeks before the opening of Pixar Pier on June 23rd.

    The Incredicoaster still keeps the basic shape of California Screamin’ but has the tubes surrounding the top of the coaster enclosed. Those tubes are supposedly going to play animated scenes all around the vehicles as they make the climb and descent, with one of the concepts featuring Dash avoiding lasers all throughout the area. Those familiar with the ride know of the series of smaller drops at the end, which seem to be surrounded by “teleporting” Jack-Jacks.

    The board games on Pixar Pier are also being converted to more Pixar themed games, including Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss and next to it what appears to be Bing-Bong Confectionary based on the character from Inside Out. Another major change next to Toy Story is the conversion of King Triton’s Carousel to a Toy Story themed carousel being spun by a giant Jessie pulling it with her lasso.

    The Mickey Fun Wheel is also closed and will become a more Pixar themed ferris wheel, though the design has not been revealed just yet.

    Pixar Fest is also underway, and will last until mid-September. There are Pixar characters showing up in every park at the California location, and the Paint-the-Night Parade, normally in Disneyland, and Pixar Play Parade, normally in California Adventure, are now being played in the opposite parks that they normally perform in.

    In the virtual world, the Disneyland App sponsored by AT&T may feature mobile ordering, taking inspiration from the revolutionary mobile ordering from the Starbucks app. There is also rumors of a new app called Play, which seems to be some sort of interactive game playable only inside of the park.

    The future of Disneyland, California seems to be growing more infinite with the confirmation of a new Marvel area taking over Bug’s Land in 2020, as well as the implementation of a new Ant-Man and The Wasp ride at Disney Hong Kong and a Marvel themed Disney hotel in Hong Kong.

    The Marvel area has been repeatedly called “immersive” by Disney execs, leading to theories that it will either resemble Wakanda from Black Panther or the frequented scene of New York. Many are leaning towards Wakanda due to the Bugs’ Land area being rather forested compared to the rest of the park.

    It has also been recently confirmed that in preparation for the new Solo: A Star Wars Story movie dropping later this month, Space Mountain will once again be converted back to Hyperspace Mountain, the Star Wars themed version of the beloved space coaster. It is also rumored that more scenes will be added to Star Tours with the release of the film, as they have done so with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.


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