Who Is Taking Over?

Nicole Burns 

     Don’t read these in the dark or else you might fall into a whole of government cover-ups and conspiracies.
      Everyone’s guilty of watching a few too many Shane Dawson conspiracy videos in the dark, it’s a guilty pleasure and there’s no way someone goes throughout their life without watching at least one conspiracy video. There are a few theories that are insanely popular with the crowds, those including the Twitter Voicemail Conspiracy.

    The ‘Twitter Voicemail Conspiracy’ has to be one of the most disturbing conspiracy theories in recent years. It all starts with a voicemail a Twitter user by the name of Ty posted on March 13, 2018. The voicemail says a series of words.

    Already creepy enough, Twitter users decoded the words using the NATO Phonetic alphabet. The NATO alphabet is an alphabet that uses different words to represent letters and numbers so it appears random; i.e. it’s a secret code. What the voicemail is actually saying is, “S Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be caution they are not human 042933964230 SOS danger SOS.” Eerie, right?

    Well, it gets worse. Those numbers at the end? They lead to a few places in Africa and Malaysia if plugged into Google Maps. The original poster of the tweet, Ty, gets a message in his inbox. Most are in different languages, but Ty still posted them. Another user translated one and it said, “They are taking over 4/18/18.” Who is taking over? Other ones translated to threatening messages telling Ty to delete the posts (he has since deactivated his account since the conspiracy theory rose to the spotlight).

    Already ominous on its own, the coordinates from above lead to a place near Malaysia, as mentioned before. Where exactly in Malaysia? Right near where the Malaysia Flight 370 disappeared in March of 2014. The flight quite literally disappeared into thin air with 239 people on it.

      Another user proposed that the original voicemail was a black box recording of Malaysia 370’s last moments. A black box recording is a recording on everything that happens in the cockpit of a plane so there is evidence when planes go down and investigators can know what’s going on. This might be why there are coordinates and an ‘SOS’ because the plane is going down.

    On the supernatural side, users suggested that “they” is a non-human entity that took over the plane (bear with me). The last words to air control were from the pilot who said, “Goodnight Malaysia Three Seven Zero.” There is a recording of those words that has audible stuttering and hesitating from the pilot, as if something entered the cockpit and the pilot had to pretend as if everything was normal.

    People believe the entity forced the pilot to end the call and go off the air. These are the last words before the plane disappears.

    Yes, this is far-fetched, but then this falls apart. Ty’s account disappeared, the user that tracked the coordinates tried to say everything she did wasn’t real, and people are claiming Ty is fake. Shane Dawson did a Skype interview with Ty and set the whole thing straight: Yes, Ty actually received the voicemail and no, he didn’t do this to get famous (hence the deletion of his account).

    Recently, the voicemail was debunked as just having been a Siri voice recorded from a distance, but so far, that’s the only thing that’s been debunked. Not to mention no one took over on April 18th. So, is this conspiracy really fake? Or was there another, supernatural reason Flight Malaysia 370 went missing?

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