Cincinnati Shooting

By: Jennalee Stack

A gunman opened fire in a building within the heart of Cincinnati causing chaos and turmoil.

On September 6 of 2018, terror struck Cincinnati, Ohio. A gunman opened fire in the lobby of the Fifth Third Center killing three people and injuring two others. The gunman, identified as Omar Enrique Santa Perez, 29, from North Bend, Ohio, was shot and killed by police officers in the midst of a brief gun battle.

The three men killed were Luis Felipe Calderon, 48; Pruthvi Raj Kandepi, 25; and Richard Newcomer, 64. Richard Newcomer was a superintendent with the Gilbane Building Company, a construction company based in Cincinnati. Newcomer had being doing work on the third floor of the building when the shots were fired.

wearing headphones and walked right into the shooting.

The motive is still unknown as to why Perez took on this heinous act even after authorities searched his home. However, it is known that he suffered from some mental issues. Those that had been in his presence before the shooting described Perez as an angry person with an angry face.

His criminal record had many low-offenses and one would not be able to predict that someone like this could pull off such a terrible action.

Perez had hundreds of rounds of ammunition and used a 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol. He fired 35 rounds amid the shooting. The weapon was obtained legally.

Before the horror that was about to take place in the lively, busy city, Perez was seen in several businesses in the middle of town. The shooting took place in one of Cincinnati’s dominant financial institutions in the heart of Fountain Square, a site for entertainment.

The authorities received calls around 9:10 a.m. about shots being heard from the Fifth Third Center. The gunman entered through a restaurant that opens to the banking building which is where he began to shoot.

Once he was in the lobby, he came in contact with four police officers where he was shot and killed in the midst of a gun battle.

Without the brave police officers who stepped in to end this horrific massacre, the severity of the situation could have been much worse.

Loss is the only thing that comes from gun violence but awareness can aid and hopefully prevent senseless acts of violence.

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