One Test For All?

Farrah Morris Many students understand the dread and frustration that comes with standardized testing.     Sometimes not knowing exactly what to study for, how broad the material on the subject may be, and the time it takes out of the day or period to take a test that is very general is a frustrating concept.     While districts and schools assure that this standardized testing is necessary … Continue reading One Test For All?

President’s Should Be On Social Media

Alan Chen Presidents should be on social media because it can be used to connect with the people.      Many people today use social media and as a result, presidents increasingly turn to social media as a way to get their message across.          Social media can be used to call attention to problems, such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma last year, quickly and … Continue reading President’s Should Be On Social Media

NHL Playoffs

Carson Perez     The Stanley Cup playoffs are just beginning with the hottest teams in the league competing for the prestigious Stanley Cup. The top sixteen teams make the playoffs with 3 teams coming from each division with two wild card teams.     The defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins look to three peat this year with veteran leader and captain Sidney Crosby.  They will play their interstate rival … Continue reading NHL Playoffs

The President’s New Policy: Tweeting In At 11

Madelyn Novick      President’s should most definitely be allowed to have social media, but should not cause threats to erupt of world war three.      Social media, the media that binds everyone across the globe together and where everyone can share their opinions without actual repercussions. Well, almost everyone.     President Donald J. Trump, a man most of us are familiar with by choice … Continue reading The President’s New Policy: Tweeting In At 11

Transforming Disney: A Shift To A More Modern Disneyland

Madelyn Novick Disney, with owning their various studios and companies and having all their franchises, is making some key changes to their parks worldwide. Disney has decided to make some major changes to their parks worldwide, including some coming to our local California Adventure. However, that’s not the only change to come, as once Pixar Pier opens there is also the updates on Galaxy’s Edge … Continue reading Transforming Disney: A Shift To A More Modern Disneyland

The Story Behind The Memes

Braden Russell      Recently, Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg has been under recent attack by not only our judicial system, but also the mainstream media: hence the popularity of all the memes you can see on social media.      What started all these problems between facebook and the government or even facebook and the people for that matter?  Probably was can be said as … Continue reading The Story Behind The Memes