Vaping: an Epidemic

Jacob Schwarz Can I get a pod, bro?     E-cigarettes, seemingly harmless and safe, were originally created as a tool for addicted smokers to use in order to put their harmful cigarette-using past behind them. However, the creation of these E-cigs(a.k.a vapes) has created unintended implications, especially in the teen age-range.     E-cigs currently represent one of the largest global industries and they are projected to be … Continue reading Vaping: an Epidemic

The Rise of Avocado Prices

Breanna Huynh How avocados are steadily increasing, both in cost and the world.     With the trending rise of avocados, it should come to no surprise that the price of avocados has been steadily increasing. In one week, the price of an avocado went from $1.01 to $1.14 in California.     Ironically, on the same week, the average price of buying organic avocados decreased by one cent. … Continue reading The Rise of Avocado Prices

Honors: To Take or Not To Take?

Kaycie Adams Senior year provides a scheduling dilemma for seniors who can’t decide between the two extremes of English classes.      Senior year: a time for working hard and hardly working to prepare for college. Between choosing classes that you can easily handle, but also look appealing to colleges.      To graduate high school, you are required to take 4 years of English classes. From freshman year … Continue reading Honors: To Take or Not To Take?