Four Chairs, One Winner

Yvonne Ajaltouni Staff Writer Four talented musicians are on the scope of finding the future of music, who will be the last one standing?     The new hit television reality TV show, “The Four,” has us at the edge of our seats. The new extravaganza has a total of four judges, including Meghan Trainor, Diddy, DJ Khalid and Charlie Walk, and their host, Fergie, all of … Continue reading Four Chairs, One Winner

Valentines Day Playlist

Ethan Haque Staff Writer The playlist for valentine’s day that has a large variety of different songs that go along with the theme of love. The playlist for the month of February is based around the holiday of valentine’s day. The songs that I have chosen that I have found to be quite good and recommend highly are Thunder by imagine dragons, Praying by Kesha, … Continue reading Valentines Day Playlist