How To Really Get Into College

Kaelin Davis Editor-in-Chief College Go-to Guide From a Senior How to REALLY get into college & what people aren’t telling you      The college process is a difficult one, because it’s something no one understands until they’ve been through it. Everyone thinks there is a clear-cut way to get into the college of your dreams – get stellar test scores, be super involved at … Continue reading How To Really Get Into College

MVHS D1 in Fortnite

Yvonne Ajaltouni Ryan Snaper, the head advisor of the newly D1 Fornite League at Mission Viejo High School, is now calling all students to join his program- League Fortnite. Mission’s ASB has invested $4,000 in this program. You must portray the following traits to have a high chance of being accepted into this program. Obviously, you must be fairly familiar with the healing system and … Continue reading MVHS D1 in Fortnite

Spring Break: A week of freedom

Lily Lucero Yes, it’s that time of the school year again. The time where students feel like they’re a hamster running on an endless wheel with no end in sight. We’re tired, fed up and ready to relax. It’s a good thing Spring Break is just around the corner. The school created Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring as “breaks”, to make sure that we kids don’t … Continue reading Spring Break: A week of freedom

Valentine’s Day: Fail it or Nail it It’s not too late to give from the heart.

Lily Lucero Staff Writer With every holiday comes pressure, but with a holiday that is centered around love, there is bound to be more postponening than usual. As the days till Valentine’s day grow nearer, and your ideas for gifts grow farther, it’s important to remember what the action of giving is really about. We want to find a spectacular, personal gift for someone, because … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Fail it or Nail it It’s not too late to give from the heart.

Encouragement from the CHOC Club

Alan Chen Staff Writer The CHOC Club connects high school students with ailing children. CHOC Children’s (Children’s Hospital of Orange County is a pediatric healthcare network in Orange County that, according to the CHOC website, includes a “state-of-the-art 316-bed main hospital facility” in Orange and another location at the Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo.        The 54-bed CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital,  the only dedicated … Continue reading Encouragement from the CHOC Club

Alternatives to Winter Formal 2018

Madelyn Novick Center Editor   No Racing License? No Problem! Go-Karting in a fancy dress not your thing? Try these ideas out instead! Winter formal is a fancy, formal dance held at the beginning of February. It is the second most expensive dance, and always has some sort of theme. The theme this year for Mission is Fast and the Furious at K1 Racing. While … Continue reading Alternatives to Winter Formal 2018