Capitalism!: The Hallmark holiday.

Carson Perez Staff Writer          The “holiday” known as Valentine’s Day occurs on February Fourteenth. This occasion is a ploy for card companies, such as Hallmark, to sell more cards and make money.     Also, other companies can sell chocolate, other hard candy, flowers, and other gifts for Valentines Day. So technically speaking this really is not a holiday, but rather a mere occasion.     Valentine’s … Continue reading Capitalism!: The Hallmark holiday.

Should High Schools require students to take a Visual and Performing Arts class? NO

Kobe Vergara Staff Writer While VAPAs give students the chance to explore new interests, they should not have to be required by the school     As students go through high school, many are busy figuring out a schedule that works the best for them. They have to factor in the time they get to school, if they want to play sports, and the classes they have … Continue reading Should High Schools require students to take a Visual and Performing Arts class? NO

Superhero Super-obsessed?

Alea Martino Opinion Editor   As I’m sure you have noticed, a large number of superhero-themed movies and TV shows currently captivate the attention of millions of, dare I say, superfans.      Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere in the middle of the ocean, everyone has heard of Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Thor, Captain America, and the like. These are a fraction of … Continue reading Superhero Super-obsessed?

VAPA Requirements- Yes

  Yasi Fahimi Staff Writer   In an age of an intense college-driven focus on core academics, students must also be exposed to the arts throughout their high school careers.     MVHS, like most schools, has a standard list of graduation requirements; a VAPA being one of them. While they may not appear necessary to every student’s road to college, VAPAs are still an important factor … Continue reading VAPA Requirements- Yes