One Test For All?

Farrah Morris Many students understand the dread and frustration that comes with standardized testing.     Sometimes not knowing exactly what to study for, how broad the material on the subject may be, and the time it takes out of the day or period to take a test that is very general is a frustrating concept.     While districts and schools assure that this standardized testing is necessary … Continue reading One Test For All?

President’s Should Be On Social Media

Alan Chen Presidents should be on social media because it can be used to connect with the people.      Many people today use social media and as a result, presidents increasingly turn to social media as a way to get their message across.          Social media can be used to call attention to problems, such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma last year, quickly and … Continue reading President’s Should Be On Social Media

The President’s New Policy: Tweeting In At 11

Madelyn Novick      President’s should most definitely be allowed to have social media, but should not cause threats to erupt of world war three.      Social media, the media that binds everyone across the globe together and where everyone can share their opinions without actual repercussions. Well, almost everyone.     President Donald J. Trump, a man most of us are familiar with by choice … Continue reading The President’s New Policy: Tweeting In At 11

Should All Students Be Able To Leave Campus During Lunch? NO

Dax Brook Some students at the Mission Viejo High School have questioned whether or not all students should be allowed to go off campus during the 40 minute lunch break. This outlandish idea should not be supported, because this has been tested years ago.     In the past all students were allowed the privilege of leaving the school grounds during lunch. This recently changed, because some … Continue reading Should All Students Be Able To Leave Campus During Lunch? NO

Should School Start Later? YES

Kobe Vergara  Without a doubt, many students strive to succeed and do the best they can in school. However, if students are not able to stay awake to listen to the material, there is no way for them to effectively achieve their goals. In order to improve test scores, maintain grades, and succeed, students must be able to physically function properly first.     Most high schools … Continue reading Should School Start Later? YES

Should Only Upperclassmen Be Allowed Off Campus At Lunch? YES

Kaelin Davis     Underclassmen have been sneaking off campus for years, all to enjoy a sense of freedom and rebellion, because, let’s face it – being stuck on campus during lunch can get boring. But, only upperclassmen should be allowed off campus at lunch.     Similar to how everyone must go through being a freshman when entering high school, the privilege of leaving … Continue reading Should Only Upperclassmen Be Allowed Off Campus At Lunch? YES

Capitalism!: The Hallmark holiday.

Carson Perez Staff Writer          The “holiday” known as Valentine’s Day occurs on February Fourteenth. This occasion is a ploy for card companies, such as Hallmark, to sell more cards and make money.     Also, other companies can sell chocolate, other hard candy, flowers, and other gifts for Valentines Day. So technically speaking this really is not a holiday, but rather a mere occasion.     Valentine’s … Continue reading Capitalism!: The Hallmark holiday.