Hard Shell, Easy Dining

By: Nick Dybel An extensive analysis of why hard shell tacos reign supreme over their soft and flimsy counterparts.      Tacos are arguably the most popular Mexican meal in the United States, being prepared in a variety of ways that vary between regions and cultures. Similar to a snowflake, no one taco is exactly alike, but there is one component that separates a taco … Continue reading Hard Shell, Easy Dining

Burn, Nike, Burn!

Lydia Curry It’s the first amendment to the Constitution, but the moment it goes against conservative beliefs, it’s disrespectful. Colin Kaepernick was one of the National Football League’s best quarterbacks and was loved by fans and sports enthusiasts alike for his amazing talent. His story goes to show just how much race divides our country whether we admit it or not. In September of 2018, … Continue reading Burn, Nike, Burn!

Wrapped Up In Controversy! Soft Shell Tacos or Hard Shell?

One of the most debated topics in the world, one that has driven relationships between lovers, families, friends apart! What is the truth in this topic? Which is better? Find out down below!  Among all the controversies in the world, none are so vicious and debated as hard taco shell versus soft taco shell.     Okay, obviously it is not as hot as a debate as … Continue reading Wrapped Up In Controversy! Soft Shell Tacos or Hard Shell?

Patriotic or Discriminatory?

Madelyn Novick During Aliso Niguel High School’s patriotic 9/11 game against Santa Ana High School, offensive actions were expressed by Aliso students, making many question if the game truly was patriotic or racist.       Like many schools, Aliso Niguel High School has their own version of a patriotic football game. They have their students dress in red, white and blue and other patriotic … Continue reading Patriotic or Discriminatory?